Monday, July 13, 2009

Kiasus' Rocks~

I used to be "Not-So-Hardworking" as I don't normally being so Kiasu to fight for books in the library. Maybe I am too used to rely on internet resources. Or I'm just not too believe that the results will be greatly affected just because I couldn't get the recommended text.
( But it doesn't mean I don't like to hide in a corner in library. I LOVE reading course unrelated books such as DESIGN without borrowing them back home~costless to me but they're quite Dirty~)

But today, somehow I don't know what drives me so hardworking, and also KIASU, we had an Amazing Race (as what Janette said) almost running towards Avril Robarts to fight for books!
There are in total 3 groups of Kiasus including us move like bullet trains or torpedos right after class to the resource centre, and it seems like we just spent like... 5 or less than 10 minutes walk (*run) from John Foster Building to Avril Robarts near Atlantic Point!!! (which usually take us about 30minutes walk from our accomodation to our university and vice versa / 40minutes walk when we 1st arrive lol)...

Useless to be Kiasu, as there is only 1 BOOK, and the request now is about 19 REQUESTS....21 days loan per book, so...haha...suddenly I realize that we were so * we just Grab the other Marketing is a totally new subject for me, have to grab all the basic one til the sophisticated one~have to read and digest 8 books within 2 weeks (2 weeks later exam AGAIN) I've not been doing so when I'm in TARC~but i think I'm just not that real hardworking lo.....somehow I just playing around, enjoying the feeling and experience of speeding like mad, then carry the 8 thick books back look exactly like good student (*nerd): P....
Well, I've been here for 37 days and 50 days more to go...Shall experience whatever it is new, special and unusual for me in Msia...Just finished exam for Strategic Human Resource Management last Friday...and this round the exam for International Marketing is an open-book exam, have no idea how will it be....

Was calculating average daily expenses for food just now for the past 37 days, and it costs me about 2.8Pounds for food each day, inclusive of 1 yummy Haagen-Dazs ice-cream which i dreamt for long and 3 times Lobster Pot meals (it's fish n chips not the real lobster ok) it's around RM17 per day in average for the past 37 days...I know daddy will sure mumbling that why am I still kept converting and calculating hehe...but I treat it as a challenge for me to MANAGE my life, and it's fun when we compare our costs details with other so it improves our "AUNTY" skills in the future (which I appreciate it much as a training).....maybe sooner or later I can start managing my house's expenses too~
(And to my extreme I think I might start using EXCEL Spreadsheet and start breaking down my expenses Item by Item lol.....*Managing Project)

Currently I'm thinking what are my next steps in life...several goals to be achieved but unless I can multitask, they will be unable to fit in my Ideal Gantt Chart....Unaffordable to make unwise decision due to temptations~.
Will try to update more before leaving for Scotland trip this weekend...

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