Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life is keep hunting for food....

especially when working in a limited space on earth
like LionCity
: D
As in Lvp...staying at home during weekends when u r not with family
seems like a many?
The usual weekends of day outing+one day spending time in my room
It's lucky to have a gang of eaters keep hunting for food
try out here and there every now and then
other than those places which need entrance fees...nothing much left
except finding new places to eat?
Though I havent visit /try out all the local things/ activities here....
but im afraid
one day when we have tried it all....where shall we go then?
Steamboat Buffet...ubiquitious in Singapore....but one thing to say
im agreeing what Chui said...steamboat buffet in Spore...the prices we need to pay

are all eventually higher than the displayed price...
add GST lah...add Service Charge lah...
and sometimes drinks are excluded...
or ice-cream are available but need to pay on top of the per pax price...
unlike in Msia...everything is "bao ka liao"...

one or u don't...EASY
It has been the third month im here and 2 more weeks to go
i shall end my probation and get confirmed...
Time past so damn fast as compared to my industrial training...Lvp days etc.
Sincerely...Im being thankful of everything running quite smoothly
and surprisingly....untill now...i didnt feel any burden for going to work everyday
yeah maybe the environment is just nice for my team...

and work-life balance has been taken care quite well so far...
at compared to my last job....for the same 1st 2 months...

the condition are SO different..both mentally and physically...
and maybe...because i didnt encounter big problems so far...
my questioning mind seems like not working very well...
less questioning means less understanding about me...
it's like....
u grow slower because u didnt encounter probs so u wont think or learn
Working life here is just quite stable....
and im glad that i have coursemate cum colleagues to make life more interesting...
"office-msn-ing" (internal email)...lunch..dinner...outing...gossips..
not so "alone" like last time
somehow the feeling of seeing things in many angles...from those who
are in the same environment with u
do inspire me...and i somehow like the feeling of being "shallowed and ignorant"
when talking to my mates cz it

pushes me further to be more knowledgeable hah
Im going to a public listed company's AGM early next month...
and i will be kept involve in PLC's things since last week...the 1st announcement on
Spore Stock Exchange that i (learnt) did...
Some of my coursemates even start doing announcement on the very 1st day!
but it's ok....learn it slow and steady...
That day my senior is forced to communicate in Korean to a Korean
as the Korean client owed us too much money
and Missing in Action...

my senior tried to call him and the Korean receptionist straight
cut off the phone when she heard English!
So no choice my seniors look for Online Korean Dictionary
and direct translate....and everybody is laughing when they call the client..
ahh.....(i actually....noe abit bit of simple korean like
greetings...when will he be least wont get cut off by the receptionist?)
cz the sentence structure of Nihongo and Korean
are the opposite from English...
and sometimes we need to attend China man's AGM
and minutes the meeting....

eventhough it is mandarin...and we all are chinese and we knew 汉语
but then there are different slangs in every place of China

what is "Proxy" in mandarin???
I curi-curi laugh when my CEO interviewed me asking whether i know mandarin...
now i know why...

as i said...being multilingual is a fascinating thing to me
and im heading towards it...although the pace is...ahem...

by the way....friends....mind sharing how did u all spend your weekends and
non working hours?
I remembered my brother said
"sis...if u are going to just spend ur non working hours by net surf but nothing else....then...
that's it..."
One of my collegueas about upgrading our quali
by taking law....
nah....i dont think i will...
My imagination previously was....earn money and so spend as u wish and
shifting from being subsidised by parents to subsidising parents
...then...go travel?...learn sth new...and after that????
Any good suggestion???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have been lepaking since last friday nite for 3 consecutive days...
with the same bunch of pple...
all of them r ex-coursemates and 2 of them are collegues
lol...i seeing my colleagues 7 days a week : P
and 0606 was my big day....last yr i was on the flight
and this yr im not at home as in spore...never ever expected hah
Swensens' ice-cream...
reminded me on my 1st bday celebrated with a guy 7 yrs ago lol

See! I didn't bluff u Mr TSU ! i really burnt my cake knife lol

I had a blast bday! Thx coursemates n collegues~
(keep failed for uploading more just put a few 1st....time to sleep...)

Friday, June 4, 2010


拜五嘛 happy hour哈哈
烧烤三层肉! 好吃!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


今天中午老板请大家到高级中餐厅吃点心 饱到晚餐也不必吃了
赚到: P
尽管MRT的窗口都被人挡住了还是忍不住找缝望一下才甘愿 ばか: P

有想做的事不要犹豫那么多 没有时间婆婆妈妈的
想说的话 想见的人 想去的地方 想......

表浪费人生在对自己发脾气 对别人发脾气 对芝麻绿豆小事发脾气
基本上 我有许多事 大事小事正经事无聊事

所以 你看到我一个人 表以为我很可怜
我头脑正在享受也说不定: P

不过说真的 要是有人陪伴当然更好啦
可是 要是没有 才不可能伟大到

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today's finding:

A Best student is not one who get the most from exam marks and awards but the one who
GAIN the most (more?) from what were being taught FROM the one who taught you.

Think carefully...i don't mean only academically : )

Life become more meaningful when u inspire and get inspired: )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Whenever im holding a pen and a paper and i feel like drawing something i will automatically draw this...this kinda butterfly...this kinda orientation....Actually it reminds me of something important....precious memories....things were ended but the feelings felt will not be erased rite? So just keep it deep in heart...