Monday, August 31, 2009

LegoMan's meal

Nothing special la.....
just to share what i had for dinner just now
I never purposely do it but
it just happened that the ingredients suit what
I suddenly thinking of...haha

Looks like LegoMan isn't it?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pretty Soldiers aren't we?

Let me tell you what is Neat and Organised mean.
This is the
PROUDEST time of do you think mates?

It has been 9 years back...I missed those time seriously.
Every step
Every 90 degrees angle

Every sound effect
Every command
Every marching pattern..
I rememeber that we must have a
10 pusingan running every single day

before we start our whole day daily training.
Imagine the stamina....

Uuh...feel like wana put on the Uniform suddenly~

One "FINE" day

Today is the very LAST day of lecture in JMU...
probably the very LAST day of SCHOOLING
in my school life also....
I wonder if I still have any chance to have the feeling of
Back To School...
but it's ok...
life can't be just turning around the same thing..
Not to mention the heavy downpour
early in the morning today
which caused me wet like a frog
Today is a fine day where

we had our Lunch Buffet @ Buffet Star Liverpool
Full until I haven't take dinner (it's 9pm now)

and just now we went to Avril Robarts Resource Centre
to return our books....see...look so terror eh~
4 book worms happily heading to the library

and Darn! I don't know library closes earlier during Fridays!
All my books due today!
Damn lo damn lo...
sob sob....
calculating how much Fine should I pay tomorrow
It's really a FINE day @_@

Friday, August 28, 2009

Life has been Up and Down...

My mood is like swinging up and down due to underexpected marks from JMU exams, Thank God feelings on MAICSAs', so-so for TARC average marks.....and probably another Heart Attack for the next subject release tomorrow??
Marks once mean the way to self-promotion to me, Frankly~(I'm very honest one).......
BUT, the definition has a undergone a littile Revolution to me....since the time when I noticed sometimes hardwork doesn't really comes with desired rewards, AT LEAST, probably not arriving on the "Should-Be" Timing.
Hmm...Gemini like me is extremely keh-poh, not forgetting the marks for the others.. Being the 1st is lonely to me, but being the 2nd, the 3rd, 4th, neither better for me i realised...not to mention grumbles, competition, comparisons or whatsoever....It's not that I do not agree with the sayings "Human are imperfect". It's just that,

when I know people can do it while i can't,

It's not about the marks, but the focus is why they are better and how they do it. Of course I wouldn't know how they do it by looking at their marks, but at least, the difference of marks will provide some input how far I am from the yardstick.
Well, I must admit that Benchmarking is really a great tool to me..'ve been using it to beat down opponents (or rather, the real opponent to each of us is ourselves actually) and to excel since primary time. Exam is just a chance to evaluate how far we have learnt and absorbed the knowledge being taught at a very surface level. So, marks are just indicators, comparisons are in fact a tool to make us improve our ways and skills in doing things. And in fact, marks doesn't guarantee anything but the spirit of hardwork and continuous improvements do guarantee something in the future.
Hmm..however, i still believe, hardworks and efforts will be rewarded. It's just that, the variable is time~
Aih...marks for tmr, 1st class or 2nd class, Upper or Lower.....I have no full control of it...
what i can control is to do my very BEST for my very LAST EXAM during school life.
p/s: I have calculated
........................................... kindergarten(2 yrs)
.........................................+ primary(6 yrs)
.........................................+ secondary(5 yrs)
.........................................+ F6(2 yrs)
.........................................+TARC, MAICSA, JMU (3 yrs)


LOL I have been sitting EXAMS for nearly 18 YEARS!!! (i think our next generation might reluctant to be borned looking at this figure, and it has not multiply with the number of exams sittings yet-_-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

I cried...

because I've
I couldn't expressed how my feelings are cz I''ve actually downed
for one whole week due to my result of
International Marketing released last week.
The minute I log in to the page I really
PRAY HARD that if I can pass all then it's enough...
cz our seniors who have Top results last years
couldn't pass all one shot
and we receive many warnings not to take all 4 papers
as it usually comes with failure paper....
I studied with full of stress and grumbles for this exam
as I have a World Prize Winner brother in ACCA
and the high state of discomfort while busying with
MAICSA exams and LJMU stuff at the same time
before I came to UK...

and the moment the page appears I gaped for few seconds..
the next seconds tears started to drop....


PASSED Corporate Financial Management
( notorious killer paper heard from seniors...the questions asked is like
totally out of what we have studied before)
and 1 MERIT and 2 DISTINCTIONS for the rest...
SERIOUSLY I cried for few minutes
before i can calm down and call my daddy for the announcement..
I'm happy when my daddy says he's happy for me...
cz i tot my results are so "Tiny"...compared to ACCA World Prize..
Last night i tot of if i fail any subject
im not gonna step out from my room except going to school
for the rest of this week
until my exam...
And Now
it's the time to think properly and
make my future
MORE meaningful
I've found my next benchmarking target~

Friday, August 21, 2009

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

18th August
We went to Metropolitan Cathedral just opposite our
usual lecture buildings-JMU John Foster Building.
~Let the pictures tell~

Really beh tahan England's weather...why so "moody" one??
just like today, the point we stepped
towards our accomodation guard house
it rained heavily SUDDENLY,
30 seconds later when we reached the door of our flat
the rain stopped and here comes the sun came out SUDDENLY

Very modern looking cathedral.

Nah the brown brown buiding is my uni lah~

The interior is sooooooo nice!

Ths is the actual colour in the cathedral...very Halogeny~
Romantic huh...

Colourful stained glass on top.

They were having church service and closing some of the area
so too bad
I haven't walk all around the cathedral...
" hmm....I wish....~"

Really like it much...
How nice if wedding could be held in this kinda place : )

Thursday, August 13, 2009





从充满期待 到看清事实
曾经很迷惘 不明白

3年后 不知道身边的人觉得我有什么改变么?
3年后的我 不再执著于
3年后的我 更加肯定
3年后的我 不再那么计较





Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Post

I woke up and cooked early in the morning today....
Cooked a full rice meal with 3 dishes to be brought to school....
but then ended uo no time to eat
cz went to bank and handling assignment...
So I bought this from Iceland...
looks good...mouth watery~

3pm ~Lunch~
Kinda stupid...
Didn't even bother to De-frozz it and
jz start eating as im too hungry

hmm...nothing really special...

Today I've handed my LAST assignment in my
study LIFE..(Perhaps)
in short term i think i wont be continuing
school life anymore...
kinda sad actually....

2 more weeks to go to complete my studies...
2 more weeks to go to sleep in my No. 2 room in Atlantic Point....
2 more weeks to start a brand new journey~


p/s: I have done a silly thing that day...I used Barclays Bank Debit card to swipe on Uni door access card reader -_-!!!The consequences of shopping too much lol

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Result out

Result out today for the previous 2 subjects: Project Management and Strategic Human Resource Management..

hmm....both passed, the first subject got 1st class, 2nd one Upper 2nd class....hmm...what's wrong with SHRM?i duno....i think our assignment marks are quite low......thought it was easier to score here compared to TARC, but somehow, feel like the standard here is higher than TARC....

hope my Marketing will be gonna continue and a very last assignment is due next time to mourn for my results....and the researchings and bookings of hostels really drive me crazy eat up most of my times no time to read also......

6th of August.....Have been exactly 2 months in UK....away from home for exactly 2 months....n exactly 2 months past from my birthday~


Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunset Team~

7月6日 到利物浦满一个月
时间很晚了 9pm多



辽阔的草原 广阔的视野

我们的前途 是否还模糊不清

很赞的山顶 可以看见利物浦城市 开灯的教堂
还有Albert Dock那里的海 白色风车




晚上十点多 太阳真的下山了


7月29日淑仪生日 刚好轮到我们三人当班厨师
所以煮了冒牌Seafood Linguine
白菜 香肠 蟹柳 虾子 意粉 白酱


这下子可好了 大家住在一起 什么事都很方便

晚餐 蛋糕 气氛都不差
吃完蛋糕还你一言我一语地讲有色笑话: P

Lumix那么好的机 根本就不需要什么skill
照片可以拍到酱差 真是糟蹋了那相机

I am only 6 years old heheheh

Most of the coursemates have gone to Ireland or Scotland these few days...
No trips for me this weekend.....Sometimes it might be a waste
being not fully utilising weekends to travel...
but I am also enjoying weekends' relaxing...
no need to do assignment (yet to be started)
no need to read books
no need to go to school...
sleep and eat whenever i want....
how i wish there's somemore HOLIDAYS~
I've shop for 3 consecutive days...
average of 7 hours walking per day since Friday!
Been shopping in Liverpool One area on Friday....
went to Cheshire Oak Designers' Outlet Village on Saturday...
and Liverpool again today...
But one thing to be clarified is:
I'm not THAT KINDA Shopaholic...
swipe off cards like swipping dust.....
Have done some research on items and sorta budgets on it
before spending...

And unbelievably
I bought a 6 years old's kids school Blazer from Bh~s
and i manage to wear it on!
(the left one is normal Male M-sized shirt)
I mean i know Asians like us
are generally (considered as) petite compared to Europeans....
i thought 9-10 years' shirt still ok la.....but 6 years old!!!
Malaysia's female formal blazers are so big and so "aunty"....
or unless you pay a good sum to get a pretty fit one...
Heheh....kinda satisfying....
Uni life is gonna end in less than one month time...
I thought i JUST get used to the uni life here...
but life seems to be like this....
make you in a dillemma of continuously adapting and adapting....
3 months of Industrial Training in 2008...
then 3 months of University Life in 2009...
anymore 3 months thingy?
It's almost time to get back to the reality...