Monday, August 24, 2009

I cried...

because I've
I couldn't expressed how my feelings are cz I''ve actually downed
for one whole week due to my result of
International Marketing released last week.
The minute I log in to the page I really
PRAY HARD that if I can pass all then it's enough...
cz our seniors who have Top results last years
couldn't pass all one shot
and we receive many warnings not to take all 4 papers
as it usually comes with failure paper....
I studied with full of stress and grumbles for this exam
as I have a World Prize Winner brother in ACCA
and the high state of discomfort while busying with
MAICSA exams and LJMU stuff at the same time
before I came to UK...

and the moment the page appears I gaped for few seconds..
the next seconds tears started to drop....


PASSED Corporate Financial Management
( notorious killer paper heard from seniors...the questions asked is like
totally out of what we have studied before)
and 1 MERIT and 2 DISTINCTIONS for the rest...
SERIOUSLY I cried for few minutes
before i can calm down and call my daddy for the announcement..
I'm happy when my daddy says he's happy for me...
cz i tot my results are so "Tiny"...compared to ACCA World Prize..
Last night i tot of if i fail any subject
im not gonna step out from my room except going to school
for the rest of this week
until my exam...
And Now
it's the time to think properly and
make my future
MORE meaningful
I've found my next benchmarking target~