Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LJMU Interview

March is a busy month. Where we need to attend several briefings pertaining to UK stuff.
Today is an off day, and yet still have to be in college because I have to attend an interview conducted by LJMU's personnel.

It's a kinda informal interview where the interviewers consist of 3 AngMos asking us the same questions where we have answered in the form.
Those questions which caught my attention sound like this:
"What do you know about Liverpool?"
"What English book do you read?"

Whoah tonnes of us wrote FOOTBALL, including me although I don't watch football at all.
And for the next question, some of us was like "Har?English book ar..."...and heard some answers like Reader's Digest, National Geographic blabla...aiks actually it was an easy question, just simply hentam Corporate Financial Management will do (sounds nerd though), or write Corporate Governance stuff la if you don't like the first one......Then suddenly I thought of The Blue Ocean Strategy where we were "urged" to read during Strategic Management time...hmm sounds sophisticated enough huh. But then I didn't wrote that la, it was my suggestion to my friends. I wrote Dilbert's Principle, a book found in my home library teaching all those office politic tactics.

I was interviewed by a lady AngMo...and then she started to ask us what do we think about Liverpool OTHER THAN FOOTBALL....hahax...it so happened that I've been doing some *homework* during holidays and I was searching for free entrance tourists spots in UK...then we told her "Museums" and "Churches"

....guess what, she looked so impressed! And she said finally she got some answers different from the others or some sort heheh...

And also, after one round of speaking, she said my English is very good! Asking me whether it is because of TARC or what...(Walau...AN ANGMO PRAISED ME! Allow me to be syok sendiri a bit ok...) Then ok la since she mentioned TARC, to show my loyalty or some sort, I said it was because we presented alot in TARC so it improves our English alot....brush TARC's shoes abit heheh..

The interview is just a short one, less than 10 minutes...luckily she never ask me to tell what tactics I've learnt from Dilbert. We still have to attend briefings about Visa stuff, air ticket packages bla blaa.......
I really appreciate her comments on me. I mean...whether or not I'm really that good in her eyes, but it do energized me to keep improving my English.

I used to be commented "You all Chinese school people.....!" during my childhood when I'm learning piano. It makes me feel really bad and discouraged (This is the so called 童年阴影 which is not easily healed becuse the self-esteem was hurt). And I felt extremely not confident with my speaking and writing in English untill i finally found some during preparation for MUET in Form 6 (where we HAVE to force ourselves to talk like "selamba saja..." although we are not good with the language).

I do experienced the time where there's full of pencil marks on every single page of study materials with meanings and definitions. And I used to mimic the slang of my peers or DJs who speak well. AND believe it or not I'm still doing Singaporean Primary School level English vocabulary exercises which I bought from Popular.

Well, there's definitely people who STILL believe that there's a free lunch or giving themselves tonnes of excuses. But somehow, it has been proven AGAIN that hardwork will be rewarded.

is one of the important chapter in our lives.


Simon said...

John Moores? I used to study in Univeristy of Liverpool, not too far away from John Moores. They have fantastic cafeteria. It will be big cultural shock for you, as Chinese are really the minorities.

I have good memories in Liverpool. Good luck. You will enjoy it. I made a point to hang out with the locals. And I gain so much life experience from it.

chian nv said...

Hi Simon.

Oohh...sounds so interesting...so any suggestions on what are the MUST VISIT spots in Liverpool?:p

Yup you are right. It's Liverpool John Moores University.

Simon said...

Liverpool has deep rich history. The Liver building is a must visit. The art museum near the harbor is also one my favorite hangout. Try to visit University of Liverpool which is about 10 mins away from your uni. The red building -- medicine faculty is also very nice.

It has good cultural performance, which I think you should go and visit. I watched Jesus Christ Superstar in Liverpool. One of the theater was build during the Great Depression time, the architecture was fantastic. You have to see it to believe it.

The train station has a dash of WW2 feeling in it. You will think you are in a Harry Potter movie.

A 20 mins train ride from Liverpool, there is a place called Chester. I love that place. An old town that still has roman walls around it. Doubt many Malaysian knows about that town. Also a must visit.

I have a huge list. But better stop before anyone thinks that I am part of the tourism board. Drop me mail, if you need any help.

chian nv said...

wow....ok ok...will drop u email
when im about to go...
Thx so much for these valuable info^^