Saturday, May 12, 2007

~pig-FRI-dog-END~ everywhere

Everybody likes the feeling of being valued, i guess...
Recently someone makes me feel valued and
someone done it contrastly.

The feeling of valuing each other
makes both parties feel pretty nice
It's not the matter of knowing each other for how many years,
whether the person is your best friend or not,
or any other reason.
But what i have undergone these few weeks makes me feel that
the golden phrase of "friendship forever" is not completely true
and not really nice as it sounds. Not reliable...

To me a friend is the one who cares about you and
vice versa.
No matter what kinda person he is,
what weaknesses he has, how long we know each other,
the gender,
the age,
the thinking...
Yes old friends so what?!
Old until they can't cooperate with you for minor things
Old until they can't remember you unless they need your help,
and they will suddenly appear and talk all nonsense
remind you about the friendship things bla bla bla...
10q here 10q there...
misuse the statement of
"A friend in need is a friend indeed"
and no matter you could or couldn't help
their Alzheimer symptoms will surely appear again
after they get their answer...
Old until...
I'm not trying to count on minor things but
yet minor things revealed their true colours
and I'm not attempt to change'em but jz
let me shake my head and
recognise the kinda

What i wana do now is to be the escapee of my current world...
and i appreciate those who treat me genuinely...

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