Wednesday, May 9, 2007

kids are fighting ! omg...

recently my kids were naughty
fighting, quarelling, bombing each other...
i was in a dillema...
who should i help?who should help me?
the feeling now is quite complicated

im glad that im still a reliable instructor in their eyes
cz it is really relieved to receive their calls
after they hv done something bad in school
admitting their wrongdoings though they were
reluctant to admit it at school
among themselves...
and i will be the bin for'em
to vomit out their
stories, complaints, feelings...
and im strong enough to receive their bombs
though i know they will not do this to me...
yes im really willing to be the listener

but afterall i started to blame myself
hv i mishapen'em or taught'em the wrong things
all the while?
it's difficult to b a benevolent boss
n in the eyes of big boss it seems moronic when
i keep on protect my kids
try to explain all their wrongdoings

n i asked zen to promise me not to bomb'em anymore
but he was reluctant to do so n
i was so angry n desperate
tears can't help me i told him
n at last he promised to let'em go
...but only for this time
terrorist attack might happen again...

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