Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Met a Swedish man today for some banking stuff.
Used to be fearful and avoiding strangers as far as i could.
But when it comes to work it's hardly evitable.
Nonetheless, surprisingly everything went well today...
The procedures...and able to talk to him naturally...
Hmm...a lit~~tle bit happy though it's just a real tiny thing...
I could say, meeting people is more interesting than doing paper work...
and the another thing i feel good and confident so far since started work
is doing Translation....whatever dox...i LIKE doing translation!

I'm curious
why some people crave for coffee or caffeine
I don't.
Had an ice Latte today but don't really feel good bout it.
It's like water+coffee flavour to me.
I'm curious.
What's the differences between
etc etc??
Perhaps I will try
one by one
type by type
shop by shop
brand by brand
provided I have the money XD
Happy weekend : )

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