Monday, August 20, 2007

To Ms. J and others

that day someone asked me
how many hours i study per day
i said i never study everyday
she said you are bluffing
then no choice i said less than 1 hour
again she don't believes me
i wouldn't get $ from bluffing you la...
frankly speaking i dun really "study" everyday as they thought
i just make sure i can understand what the lecturer taught
not necessarily completely but at least 90%
of course if 100% would be better
and i put much effort on doing own notes
though it seems like wasting energy and time copying notes
but heard people say copy 1 time =memorize 5 times
and i think it's true~to me
i apllied it on every subject since i entered TARC
tedious law, complicated accounting, boring management...

my revision tools
(dictionary, text book, colour pen, paper)

~Magic!~turn the boring law text into...

handy and colourful own notes


and the most important thing is the attitude

the kinda attitude which

turn the most boring, tedious, dull and complicated material on earth

into a piece of interesting and simple material

just think that "I'm born to solve problems"
though it sound silly and a bit of narcisstic
but nevermind
who cares?

no one know what you are thinking


MooN said...

Hi, xiao chien, thanks a lot for ur comments on my blog..seem likes wat u said is truth cuz after doing our own notes then v can more understand and remember..but sometimes I lazy to do it..haha..thats y I get bad result la..keke..Thanks for sharing us ur study skills yar..lets gambateh and get flying color in our exam but not red color la..haha..Good luck and all the best yar..

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