Thursday, June 25, 2009


We went to Picnic today!!~
No's so called *Picnic" as
we just wanted to find a place to sit down and eat our lunch.
Thus we stopped at a field (is it considered as a field?)
near Liverpool One and John Lewis
(called Chavasse Park?)
acting like those Ang Mos...hehe
The grass was sooooooo greeny and
I can easily smell the fresh smell of it~
My lunch consists of
1 chocolate doughnuts
3 slices of Thick sliced dry and cheap Tesco white bread
3 slices of cheap Tesco cheese
12 pieces of HAM!!!
Found that there're couples of things
which hardly make up issues to me when I'm in Malaysia
but it does matter when I'm in Liverpool
such as....ehem...keep track on the EXPIRY DATE of food
my milk, my ham, my sausage, my strawberry, my kiwi...

Our class has a lunch break of almost 3 hours today so
it's "affordable" to relax abit ...
Nice weather in Liverpool today.
It's sunny as well as windy, hot but not too cold.
Hoping that the weather continues like this~

I've finish my exam on Moday and the subject MANAGING PROJECT
has been gao dim~
We went to a pub on Monday night and
it was 3am when I'm heading back to my room and the sky was turning bright lol!
But surprisingly I didn't fall asleep and still manage to
concentrate during the HR lectures on the next day...which I normally sleep 11pm
when I am in Malaysia.
Many of our coursemates late for classes on the next day
...know what happen la
all of us were there last night:P

huhh wanted to update more but
really tired n sleepy...
Good night~

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