Wednesday, June 13, 2007

today's report...

another tiring day...
and many things,many news today

1st, the graduate list was out and thank god i am
awarded "Graduate with Distintion".
the whole ex-dbm2 has only 2 persons who are being
awarded like this...

2nd,i hate the Mr. L who keep on asking pple
"Excuse me, pls pay attention!"
sounds like so good manners,
but actually he is unknowingly insulting pple everyday..
ESPCIALLY a person who really paying attention in the class!!!
sumore stil dare to ask "Is my lecture improved compared to last sem onot?"
yes improved but d most detesting way of lecturing is stil there!

3rd,it's a freak mistake.
me n shi ting misread d timetable..
1.30pm class we went there at 2.00pm.
n now i recall tat time v were bz doing tutorials n...
updating ourselves with d ghost stories of TARC...
what d heck is this ...done such silly mistake so moron...

4th, the student bill is out.
what's so special bout student bill?everyone will get it...
BUT this time is different.
cz the wording "100% scholarship" with my name is there..
yes to the others it seems like the outome of "studying deadly"
but to me is the reward of helping some of the others
and the outome of finding the suitable way of study and
weighing studying and playing as equally important

and,yesterday i hv done sumthing to my hair...
unfortunately is NOT the style i want.
what i wanted is Ella's,BUT
the stylist shaped my like Hebe's.
and actually only<50%>

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