Saturday, November 13, 2010

Childhood Memory: "Super" Pencil Case: P

Just so happened that i was browsing through the stationery @
JB's Popular Bookshop
Saw this and played with it...
boys in kindergarten at my time used to own one
i remembered they like to use it as Gun and
the pencils inside as Bullet
and carrying the "bulleted" pencil case run here and there
during recess time...some sorta war game....
i owned one too but mine was girlish one....RM7 or 8 that time?


It's now RM30???
and i dun understand why kids like stickers?
(and so do i lolz.....)


dd said...

I don't have one :(
But i do have a pencil box reused from a video tape box, haha.

chian nv said...

hehe...urs one oso Classic edy lolz